Roberto Chiovitti Photographer

Born in Rome (Italy) in 1972.

Chiovitti has always been fascinated with images but he didn't expect that photography would become his life.

He always tries to capture beauty in every person he photographs.
But beauty itself is not enough. Chiovitti thinks that attitude is even more important. A photograph could be good, but it transports no emotions to the viewers if there is not the right expression on the model or the right moves.

Chiovitti portrays actors, actresses and athletes for Italian magazines such as Vanity Fair, For Men Magazine, SportWeek, Chi, Men's Health and others.

In 2012 his first solo book were pubblished:
Disclosed Desires (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)

"Roberto Chiovitti dedicated his first photo book to the dark side of desire. The images in Disclosed Desires tell tales of lust and pain, of dominance and submission. These images are rough and dark, but Chiovitti's works also have a very elaborate approach: The pictures are staged very clever, provoking and unusual. With his focus on the different variations of sexual fetishes he takes up one of the most important trends of the last years to develop his very own language".

Photos published in anthological books:

Night Visions (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)
Beautiful Vision (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)
Turnon: Tattoos (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)
Brave Men and Fetish (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)
Natural Beauty (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)
Muccassassina (Postcart)
Turnon: Gear (Bruno Gmünder Verlag)